Tuckshop Memories: Not just the 80’s

Tuckshop Memories: a digital interpretation of my childhood

I was born in 1972 so most of what I label as ‘my childhood’ tends to be from the the late 70’s to the late 80’s. My puberty (although I don’t recall it) should have been somewhere between the ages of 12 and 15, so the years 1984 to 1987, and this seems to fit with many of the TV programmes that I consider to be important, from the perspective of their lasting impact.

Not just the 80’s

Even though Tuckshop Memories is 80’s themed, I┬áinclude a lot of 70’s material in my posts because they were a part of my 80’s childhood due to the high volume of repeats we had in the UK; both on TV and radio but also in terms of clothing and toys/games. I’m often surprised to find a show, toy or game I research from my Schooldays actually turns out to be from the 70’s or even sometimes the 60’s!

Childhood Influences

My TV tastes were pretty mainstream during my formative years, for a teenage boy in England anyway, although I did start to lean towards the Horror, Sci-fi and Fantasy genres, spending many comparatively late nights alone watching vintage horror films when everyone else had gone to bed. This is reflected in my favourite films of all time list which has Evil Dead 2 at the top of list and also includes 2010.

My musical tastes were a bit underground and the cause of much ragging at school because I was into rap and hip-hop, getting my weekly fix of new material on a late-night show that Signal Radio used to air on a Thursday night. That all changed though, because during my fourth year at secondary school The Beasty Boys brought rap to the mainstream and suddenly my music library was ‘cool’!