Ten 80’s fads you’d forgotten!

Here’s a countdown of the top 10 forgotten 80’s trends and fads.

There were lots of fads and trends in the 80’s, some of them good, some of them not so good! Here we look at 10 that you may have forgotten about.

Kicking off (see what we did there?) is this fad that BROS started but thankfully didn’t last long!

10. Bottle tops on shoes

Bottles-shoes www.tuckshopmemories.com

Cheaper than spray painting your Doc’s

9. Leather A-ha bracelets

A-ha www.tuckshopmemories.com


8. Garbage pail cards

Garbage-pail-kids www.tuckshopmemories.com

Gotta catch em all?

7. Eraser collecting

Erasers www.tuckshopmemories.com

You can’t use them, they’re just to look at!

6. Novelty keyrings

Keyrings www.tuckshopmemories.com

Make it small and put it on a keyring! Genius!

5. Picture pens

Picture-pens www.tuckshopmemories.com

You could upgrade to nudey women!

4. Dice dust caps

Dice-dustcap www.tuckshopmemories.com

Matching stunt nuts available

3. Handlebar tassels

Bike-tassels www.tuckshopmemories.com

The bigger the tassels the more you were loved

2. ‘I shot JR’ merch

I-shot-jr www.tuckshopmemories.com

but I didn’t shoot the deputy!

1. Pen toppers

Pen_toppers www.tuckshopmemories.com

Inevitably got their heads chewed