LPs from the library

1980’s: The Analogue Era

In this age of instant everything everywhere, it’s hard to believe that us 80s kids (and earlier) used to go to the local library and borrow records, or, if you didn’t have a record player at home, you could just listen to the vinyl on headphones whilst boring beige people browsed the obscure, back of the library book sections around you.

80s-library-inside www.tuckshopmemories.com

Even the text in the books was beige!

Public Library Recordings www.tuckshopmemories.com

Here be nerds!

But if you were a weird little goth-in-the-making, you could find some really ‘cool’ stuff in those recordings archives. For me it was this collection of vinyl which piqued my interest and had me going back again and again to borrow more…


These BBC Sound Effects records contained amazing Dr Who/Blake’s 7 type sounds like:-

Hand Phaser Weapon

Talking Computer

But hidden among the recordings I’ve recently¬†found¬†these very nostalgic noises (close your eyes)

Dialling a public payphone

Amusement Arcade with Game Sounds

School Playground 7-11 years

Kettle Whistle

For the oldies #ohnoyoudidn’t!

Steam Train Departs

Fire Engine

And for the brave among you:-

Dentists Drill

My childhood library (pictured below) has been replaced with something (I can barely bring myself to say it) modern! But if you live in Upper Drakesbottom, Little Whinging or some other isolated rural town or undeveloped inner-city slum you may still have a little old public library, lurking behind a civic centre, staying out of sight and avoiding the town planners; and in a forgotten back room or basement there may be boxes of dusty old vinyl just waiting to be discovered!
Go get em!

80s wellington public library www.tuckshopmemories.com

Gone but not forgotten! RIP