20 valuable childhood toys you may own

#20. Super Striker


This 1970’s game from Parker was produced in many variants over the years, including another version of this one but with floodlights.

Striker was a simple table-top football game. It was probably aimed at a younger audience, and certainly requires less skill. It recreates five-a-side football on a pitch with a rebound wall. The players have one movable leg controlled by a rod and spring inside the figure which attaches to the player’s head. Place the ball in the slot in the base, and then press the head down to propel the ball. The pitch is divided into sections, with one player in each section. If the ball finishes in a section controlled by one of your players, you can move that player to the ball, and then pass or shoot. If it finishes in the penalty area, the goalkeeper throws it back into play. It’s that simple.

Many sets ended up with figures missing their heads or legs (or both!) and this is why complete and relatively undamaged sets can sell for enough to but your next team strip or season ticket (for the smaller clubs of course).