15 Sexy 80’s Rides: Cars That Defined The Decade!

15 Sexy 80’s Rides – The Cars That Defined The Decade!

Cars have always featured heavily on our screens but until the likes of cheeky little Herby and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang the up-cycled family convertible, they were generally just another prop. Cars took on much more of a co-star role during the 70’s and 80’s though as TV and film producers realised the opportunities, not just for added cool but as brand images with serious money-making merchandising potential.


Here we’re focusing on live action TV and Cinema for our countdown of the 15 sexiest cars of the 70’s and 80’s. This particular tuckshop perspective is heavily biased towards ‘cool’ in its definition of sexy, hence some of the more, a-hem, unusual inclusions…