15 men from the 80s you had a crush on

The 80s produced many Hollywood sex symbols but our UK childhood TV provided plenty of men who were the objects of teenage crushes.

Below we count down 15 of the best.

15. Dirk Benedict

Dirk_Benedict www.tuckshopmemories.com

They didn’t call me ‘Face Man’ for nothing #smug

14. Jon Bon Jovi

Jon_Bon_Jovi www.tuckshopmemories.com

What do you mean ‘better with shorter hair’!?

13. Bruce Willis

Bruce_Willis www.tuckshopmemories.com

Someone throw me a double-entendre, quick!

12. Sting

Sting www.tuckshopmemories.com

Pretentious? Moi?

11. Jan Michael Vincent

Jan_Michael_Vincent www.tuckshopmemories.com

AIR WOLF goddamit! You know me from AIR WOLF!

10. Jason Donnovan

Jason_Donnovan www.tuckshopmemories.com

Kylie who?

9. Paul Young

Paul_Young www.tuckshopmemories.com

That’s great Paul, just a bit more sulkiness, lean forward, fabulous darling!

8. Don Johnson

Don-Johnson www.tuckshopmemories.com

Can you feel it? Coming in the air? Tonight? #youwill!

7. George Michaels

George_Michaels www.tuckshopmemories.com

“You like George Michaels don’t you.”

6. Lee Majors

Lee_Majors www.tuckshopmemories.com

Look into my eyes…you’re mine now!

5. Simon Le Bon

Simon_LeBon www.tuckshopmemories.com

Yes Doctor, it’s my shoulder, it hurts when I pout.

4. Nick Kamen

Nick_Kamen www.tuckshopmemories.com

What do you mean nobody else does this in the launderette?

3. Eric Estrada

Eric_Estrada www.tuckshopmemories.com

What blond guy? No, it was just me in C.H.I.P.S. baby.

2. Morten Harket

Morten_Harket www.tuckshopmemories.com

Yes Doctor, just when I pout, it really hurts. Simon who?

1. Bros

Bros www.tuckshopmemories.com

Joined at the ego, doctors feared the risk of surgical separation was too much.