12 girls from the 80’s you had a crush on

The 80’s produced many Hollywood sex symbols but our UK childhood TV provided plenty of women who were the objects of teenage crushes.

Below we count down 12 of the best.

10. Sarah Green

Sarah-Greene www.tuckshopmemories.com

Sticky back plastic to the ready!

Sarah Greene was born in London in 1957 and was best known for Going Live! and Saturday Superstore and Blue Peter.

9. Lesley Ash

Lesley-Ash www.tuckshopmemories.com

Helping 80’s boys behave badly

Lesley Ash really came to prominence in the 90’s although she spent plenty of time on British TVs in the 80’s appearing in such shows as Seconds Out, Shelley, The Happy Ankle and CATS eyes among many others.

8. Anthea Turner

Anthea-Turner www.tuckshopmemories.com

Blouse by Sylvester Mccoy

Anthea Turner was born in 1960 in Stoke-on-Trent. She hosted Going Live!, UP2U abd The Best of Magic.

7. Catherine Schell

Catherine-Schell www.tuckshopmemories.com

She could look like anything she wanted. So why the side-burns?

Born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1944 Catherine Schell’s true name is Katherina Freiin Schell von Bauschlott. Her acting career stretches back to 1964 and although best known for her role in Space 1999 she also stared in 80’s series The Spoils of War, One by One and Mog,

6. Janet Ellis

Janet-Ellis www.tuckshopmemories.com

The Blue Peter garden could be a cold, cold place!

Janet Ellis was born in 1955 in Kent, England and is best known for presenting Jigsaw and Blue Peter and acting in Doctor Who.

5. Felicity Kendal

Felicity-Kendal www.tuckshopmemories.com

The 80’s version of Charlie Dimmock

Born Felicity Bragg in in Warwickshire, England, Felicity Kendal is best known for her role in The Good Life but also appeared in dozens of other programmes during the 80’s including Solo, The Mistress and The Chamomile Lawn.

4. Connie Booth

Connie-Booth www.tuckshopmemories.com

Two of the best points about Torquay are…

Connie Booth was born in 1944 in Indianapolis, USA and is best known for her roles with Monty Python and Fawlty Towers but she also appeared in Worzel Gummidge, Bergerac and Floodtide.

3. Kylie Minogue

Kylie www.tuckshopmemories.com

You should be so lucky!

Kylie Minogue was born inin Melbourne, Australia. Although Kylie needs no introductions the only role she was really known for in the UK before her singing career was Neighbours.

2. Sally James

Sally-James www.tuckshopmemories.com

The dress code for kids TV was obviously more relaxed back then

Sally James was born in 1950 and is best known for Tiswas although she also appeared in many other programmes including, Punchlines, Blankety-Blank, Countdown and The Two Ronnies.

10. Catherine Bach

Catherine-Bach www.tuckshopmemories.com

I know the show had the girl and the car but there must have been other parts?

Catherine Bach was born in 1954 in Ohio, USA. Known predominantly in the UK for her role in The Dukes of Hazard she also appeared in The Love Boat and more recently in The Young and The Restless.

11. Jaqueline Pearce

Jacqueline-Pearce www.tuckshopmemories.com

Severe, moody, minimalist and that was just her hair!

Jaqueline Pearce was bin Surrey, England. Best remembered for her role in Blake’s 7 she also starred in Doctor Who, Moondial and the TV mini-series The Bourne Identity.

12. Sybill Shepherd

Cybill-Shepherd www.tuckshopmemories.com

Proving there are worse things than double denim!

Cybill Shepherd was born inin Memphis USA. Her iconic role in Moonlighting brought her to the public eye but she also starred in The L Word and Cybill among dozens of other roles.