12 pieces of crap you thought were toys!

Make do and mend toys

In the recession struck 80s money really was too tight to mention, so lots of¬†families had to make do and mend. This was no different when it came to children’s toys, then it became a case of make it yourself or go without. Programmes such as Blue Peter, Magpie, Why Don’t You and others showed us how to make such awe inspiring wonders as Tracey Island

Tracey-Island www.tuckshopmemories.com
Here’s one the creative department made earlier.
(pictured with one of the girls you fancied from the 80s)

But for many of us the best we could do was to take the¬†odds and ends that we found knocking about in the shed, add a pinch of imagination, a bucket-full of boredom and a few tools and you could create any one of a number of useless pieces of crap that would eventually be thrown in the bin. But now and again some kid would stumble upon a genius-level idea and a legend would be born. Of course, the inventor’s name is lost to history but here their legacy lives on!

In a previous post we looked at how much of a gold mine you could be sitting on with your old toys (20 valuable childhood toys you may own) So to provide balance in the universe here is a countdown of 12 of the best improvised toys and games that cost next to nowt!

In reverse order from most expensive to least…